Tuesday 28 January 2014

Navelfluff is gone (for now)

It’s rather tragic that i didn’t even realise that the funding account for my blog ran out and i didn’t even notice. And that the blog fell off the Internet (due to zero funding) and i didn’t even notice. And was deleted, along with all its settings, and i didn’t even notice.

On the bright side, i had set up automatic backups that were sent to my mail. And now i have a learning opportunity to see what i should be doing with them. Oh dear oh dear.

Considering the lack of time and enthusiasm i’ve had for blogging lately (and that i have an other outlet for my occasional fifteen milliseconds of fame, namely Google+, i’m not sure when i’ll restore Navelfluff.

So rest in bits, Navelfluff, and you shall most definitely resurrect. Eventually.

1 comment:

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