Sunday 18 August 2013

Silencing Pebble notifications for the night with Llama (this might work)

I finally got my Pebble watch yesterday, after waiting for a nearly a year and a half (watching my colleagues wear their black Pebbles, which arrived this spring...). It is rather nifty, and a piece of wearable computing i might find myself walk around with daily. The white colour makes me think of iPods back in the time when they were white and plasticky. I just hope this one doesn't scratch as easily.

As i went to bed, i was greeted (and annoyed) with another notification, so i shut down the Pebble application. This had the unfortunate side effect that i need to manually restart the app. Hardly very "smart".

I use a fantastic app called Llama on my phone to keep it quiet at night (and i'm home and the phone is in the charger) and normal when i'm at work (and normal again when i'm leaving work in case i forgot it on quiet when i was at work, and so on). So next i'm going to try whether switching off Bluetooth with Llama during quiet night time will do the job. Other possible outcomes are that the Pebble app will crash, or that it will re-enable Bluetooth. Or that the Pebble app won't reconnect automagically once Bluetooth is re-enabled in the morning.

But hey, it's worth a try. And if you are using an Android phone, you should be using Llama :)