Monday 18 February 2013

My first Mac-hack: rename my username

Whee! I've done my first bit of system administration, namely on myself (or rather, on my laptop). There was a typo in my username.

To remedy, you can't simply go and rename yourself. But it wasn't a lot harder than that, since my account has admin rights.

  • Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Users and groups
  • Unlock
  • Create a new user by clicking the +
  • Give the user admin rights
  • Log off
  • Log in as your newly created admin user
  • Open a Terminal (F4 -> type "term")
  • cd ..
  • mv wrongname username
  • As above, open open and unlock Users and groups
  • Rename your old account's full name
  • Create a new user with your name and the right username 
  • Delete your old account
  • Log off and log in as yourself
  • Delete the temporary admin account


Thursday 14 February 2013

Focus follows mouse

As there will be very few Windows boxes at my new job, i'm assuming that the focus of this blog will move towards the idiosyncracies of administering Linux and OSX machines. As i've not got an altogether solid take on the Mac (yet), you might see some pretty nubular posts here so have mercy.

But then, there must be other nubular Mac admins out there, so maybe we can support each other!

And of course there will be Linux as well.

(blog title explanation)