Monday 20 May 2013

Migration pains

Much to my dismay and displeasure, my favorite blogging platform Posterous was unplugged by their new overlords, which means i will need to move my old tech blog (not that it ever was overly techy, but at least it was more techy than my regular one) to another platform. I was never very close with Blogger, but having read about how Blogger now integrates some bits and pieces with Google+, i thought i'd give it a try. So here. First post. I hope i can get my earlier ones imported to happen before this. Or something. Time continuum is tricky. Great success - the move is compleated. The operation was non-trivial and Documented Elsewhere&tm; (here and in a few other places). The steps involved were:
  1. From Posterous (RIP), export your blog. This is a two step operation, where you first ask the UI to prepare your blog for separation, then come back later (you should be emailed but probably won't) to download a zip file with everything.
  2. Import a file to Wordpress. This included registering for a blog (free plan). The option is well hidden in your WP Admin, under Tools / Export. The file in question is named wordpress_export_1.xml and lives inside the zip you downloaded above.
  3. Export (yup) the blog from Wordpress. Clues above.
  4. Transform your Wordpress file into Blogger format, online if you dare.
  5. Import your transformed file into Blogger (admin dashboard - Settings - Other - Import).
  6. Wait for your blog to rebuild. Wait some more. Refresh. And your blog should be moved.

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