Monday 18 February 2013

My first Mac-hack: rename my username

Whee! I've done my first bit of system administration, namely on myself (or rather, on my laptop). There was a typo in my username.

To remedy, you can't simply go and rename yourself. But it wasn't a lot harder than that, since my account has admin rights.

  • Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Users and groups
  • Unlock
  • Create a new user by clicking the +
  • Give the user admin rights
  • Log off
  • Log in as your newly created admin user
  • Open a Terminal (F4 -> type "term")
  • cd ..
  • mv wrongname username
  • As above, open open and unlock Users and groups
  • Rename your old account's full name
  • Create a new user with your name and the right username 
  • Delete your old account
  • Log off and log in as yourself
  • Delete the temporary admin account


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