Thursday 18 March 2010

The call for full screen web applications for netbook and slate consumption

Related to my previous post, i just realized what's missing from my world. Web applications which play nice on nettops and slates and iPads.
And here's my hypothesis. I think the right solution is to create full screen web apps that run on a modest-size screen (the one i'm looking at is an 11" 1024x600 px) and that do not require scrolling of the application itself. People are used with scrolling content but the application should not require scrolling to be useful.
GMail for instance resizes the edit box to fill my web browser screen, which is nice when i'm using GMail on a desktop web browser. But the model fails when i'm GMailing on my small laptop. I use Google Reader for iPhone when i'm using the small laptop. It's fairly okay for modest-screen usage but it could take my keyboard into consideration.
So there we have that. Now to actual, billable work :)

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