Tuesday 30 March 2010

Comment ground

I have a system in place where my tweets are echoed as Facebook wall
posts. What is a bit surprising to me is that i get a fair amount of
comments to Facebook on these used-to-be-tweets, a lot more than i get
responses as tweets.

While an analysis of the reasons is way beyond the scope of article,
two things emerge. The phenomenon itself, and the redundance of data.
I think it's great that my words of wyrd echo out to where me mates
are, but the fact that the possibly ensuing discussion forks into two
unconnected branches sucks. In fact, there is even little evidence
that an update on Facebook originates from somewhere else. You may be
reading this very posting through Twitter or Facebook but it
originates from Posterous.

What i'm missing is the facility to recombine the responses into one
comment stream. I don't really care where this happens, as long as
there only is one stream.

Tear down the garden walls. Interoperability is playing nice.

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