Monday 14 January 2013

Adding an AD user into the SBS console

Window Small Business Server wants you to add users through the SBS Console. And that's not entirely bad, because adding a user through the SBS Console does a few magic bits behind the scenes that we'd otherwise would have to do manually.

And once you know this, it's okay for the Console to do it for us. It's called Good Laziness.

But sometimes, you'll have a user created through the Active Directory Users and Computers thingy (ADUC), ie the way you add users with the Windows Server "Proper" (except that i usually always add the user through the Exchange interface, but that's another story). Such users do not show up in the SBS Console. But there's a way to get them there.

  • In ADUC, move the user into the My BusinessMy SBS Users OU
  • In the SBS Console, go to Users and Groups / Users. In the right margin, click the User Tasks item "Change user role for user accounts"
  • Select the proper role and tick Add user permissions or settings. If you haven't created custom roles for your SBS organization, you'll probably want to select Standard User. Click Next.
  • Check the Display all user accounts in the Active Directory box and add the users you want. If you order them by User role, you can easily spot the users you're missing ("This user role no longer exists"). Click Change user role

And that's it!

If you don't know about SBS User Roles, you might want to learn about these as well!

[Source: Rob Williams]

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