Sunday 5 February 2012

Android phones practically illegal for pre-teens?

I came across the Google Account Age Requirements page (which i had no idea even existed). Google says one needs to be over 13 to create a Google account (14 in Spain and South Korea, 16 in the Netherlands). I haven't checked whether these age requirements hold for Google app for domains accounts, but if they do like i suppose they do, we're in trouble. Or more so, i am.

My not-yet-teenage daughter (but surely acting like one at times) has an Android phone and when her brother will get a phone, it'll probably be an Android too. But ack. As a Google account is practically required for an Android phone, how can somebody pre-teen use an Android phone?

I also haven't checked if there are age reqs for .mac and Live! accounts (and if they're vital for iPhone or Windows phone use) but i wouldn't be surprised if they have similar demands.

What options are there for communication and sharing stuff in a secure, child-compatible way, without using a Google account? Set up your own mail server and Diaspora pod? Last time i looked, there wasn't even a Diaspora client for Android, and how the heck am i supposed to get anyone else on Diaspora when i can't even get them on Google+?

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