Monday 23 August 2010

Victory by damage control

Yesterday, i had an abysmal user experience trying a book on usability in front of me. Since the write-up really was of most interest to the book store and the author of the book, i also informed them of what i'd gone through. In retrospect, i should also have included Adobe in the loop.

It didn't take long before i had a reply from Books-a-million's customer service saying they're sorry and they'd notified the ebook department and that i should be hearing from them soon.

[Update] The response was that yeah, they know these problems and they've written about them, and how to work-around them, in their FAQ. What about just fixing the problem? And since much of the problems stem from the Adobe's Digital Edidtions software, why not just scrap it and sell the book as unprotected PDF and ePub bundle? It's not like the customer automatically is a thief that you need to protect yourself from. [/Update]

The real honker was receiving a message from Mica Endsley himself (yup!), saying that they will take it up with the book store and that he would make sure i'd be getting a copy of the second edition, out this spring. Kudos to you, sir! While i'm still stuck with a fairly scruffy looking ebook, i feel that everything wrong is right again.


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