Thursday 15 July 2010

Greetings from the big blue room

These last five weeks i've been mosltly outside, and while i've been connected to the Internet, i haven't really been connected with it. And i could write more about it but as i'm still on vacation until the end of this week, i won't :)

No, wait, that's not right (except for the vacation bit, that one's true). It's true that i have not checked work email or been connected to the work network more than once, and i haven't spent vacation time tied do a desk. But i have used the 'net and in fact rather frequently. I've checked the weather on the road. I watched a classic sci-fi  flick from my TVkaista account in a hotel. I've spat out irrelevancies on Facebook and on Twitter. And i've observed that i've received mail and ignored most of it. I've played music with Spotify for my kids, watched some Manu Chao clips with my son on YouTube...

So yes, i have been connected with the Internet, even though it's been mostly as a consumer. But it's been good to have it around.


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