Wednesday 3 February 2010

S60 Profile Scheduler by Dr. Jukka

The Profile Scheduler by Dr. Jukka is such an insanely useful application that it's amazing the
feature of timed profiles isn't built into the S60 platform per
default. Profile Scheduler has become such a natural part of my normal
phone functionality that i can only vaguely remember the times when i
had to switch the phone on normal profile manually after having it
quiet over the night. Or remembering to switch it on night mode so i
don't have to hear the beeps when it starts or stops charging, or when
some id..ndividual decides to call or text me in the middle of the
night. Be noted: you are ignored.

The Profile Scheduler user interface may be a little confusing at
first contact, but it's really just simple: choose which profile to
switch to, which days and at what time. Press save. Repeat as
necessary. There are no separate "entry" and "exit" times, just a
single time when to switch and what to switch to. The other confusing
bit is that the application has an Exit button. Pressing it will only
exit the profile scheduling configuration interface; the profile
switching will still take place as scheduled.

A more complex scheduler might react to calendar events or cell towers
- and perhaps future Nokia phones will. Until then, i'll happily
support Dr Jukka with a buck for Profile Scheduler, even if there is
the no-cost unsigned version you can download, sign and install
yourself. I did that twice. This time i think both Jukka and i are
worth the paid version.

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