Thursday 21 January 2010

Thermonuclear telephone resettage

My phone is getting increasingly unreliable (from all the abuse i've given it, i'm sure -- but it's been mutual abuse so i call it justified). I have now come to the point where i'm ready either to factory reset the machine using conventional means or with a mallet.

I have now learned that the way to positively wipe a Nokia Series 60 telephone so that nothing remains goes like this

  • Shut down phone
  • Remove memory card (just in case)
  • Press and hold Green + 3 + * (star) + Power
Keep holding the four finger salute until your phone asks in which country it is. Voila, your phone is reset.

Before doing that, there are a couple of recommended measures.

  • Stop Mail for Exchange synchronizing your mail box. MfE stores some email related stuff on your memory card which you want gone when the system is reset
  • You can send yourself your podcast subscriptions by marking them in the Podcasting application then sending them to an email address using MMS
  • Use Opera synch to get your Opera bookmarks to the cloud
  • Use paper and pen to get your Web Browser bookmarks saved (or use the Nokia backup app on PC Suite)
  • Use your favorite listing tool, write down what apps you have on your phone and where you got them
  • Run PC Suite backup and synch your stuff with Mail for Exchange. In the state your phone is, it'll probably fail, but you can try nonetheless.
  • Think, twice.
  • Reset your phone.
And that's it. See you on the other side.


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